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KormoIT, a complete IT company which you ever wanted!


A large workspace located in Machmoil, Bagmara, Rajshahi.

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Constant market price analyze.


Outsourcing & freelance training.


Investment & fund management.

Empowering Businesses through Expertise and Innovation

At KormoIT, we’re a dynamic software-based company committed to driving success through a multifaceted approach. Our core pillars revolve around outsourcing and freelance training, business consultancy, market price analysis, and fund management.

With a passionate team dedicated to delivering excellence, we excel in providing top-tier training for freelancers and outsourcing solutions tailored to meet diverse business needs. Our consultancy services offer strategic insights and tailored solutions to enhance operational efficiency and drive growth.

” যদি হও চলাফেরায় সাধারণ,
আর কর্ম দক্ষতায় অসাধারণ।
তাহলেই কেবল করবে স্মরণ,
উচু নিচু প্রায় সকল লোকজন। ”
-এহসান করিম আসিক

Founder & CEO

Why Choose Us


KormoIT thrives on passion, driving innovation in software solutions and empowering individuals through dynamic freelance training.


Setting the standard for professionalism, KormoIT delivers top-tier services with expertise, integrity, and precision in market analysis and fund management.


Beyond services, KormoIT offers unwavering support. Our expert team ensures seamless integration and ongoing assistance for your business success.

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